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5 Steps to Figure out Your Strengths & Weaknesses

5 Steps to Figure out Your Strengths & Weaknesses

We can’t compare the abilities of Serena Williams with Scarlett Johansson or of Justin Beiber with Tiger Woods. And the best part is, we don’t have to. 

You and I are different people with different sets of brains, hearts and bodies. Even twins who are born within a few minutes of each other aren’t completely identical. We need to first understand this fact and then appreciate it. 

When we are such different creatures, we are also bound to be good at some things and bad at others. Our strengths and weaknesses make us unique and when we are able to identify them, we stand at an advantageous position to make the most out of them. Let us then share a few tips which will help you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses a little better.

Identify Your Abilities 

The first thing in the process to do is to understand your abilities. Some things you’ll naturally be good at, in others you’d have to work hard to become good at. This makes all the difference in the world. But for you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, what matters is whether you’re able to judge what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, from a third person’s perspective. 

Having an non biased approach towards this is a step in the right direction. When you can accurately identify the things you’re good at, things you can learn and get better at and things that you’re just bad at, you’re more likely to make all the right decisions. 

List Them Down As A Strength or Weakness 

When you have identified your abilities, it becomes easier to evaluate and understand which one is a strength and which one is a weakness. To help you in this process you can simply get a notebook and divide the page into three sections. The first one will be things you’re naturally good at and also love to do, the second one would be things that you’re not particularly good at but wish to learn more about and the third section would be things that you consider as your weakness. 

This in depth division will help you make the right choice in your career. Do not limit yourself, just be what you are, without any fear. 

Ask Your Friends And Family

The people closest to you know you best. Your parents, siblings and friends can share valuable insights as to what they consider to be your strength and what they think is your weakness. Sometimes we might not be the best judge of characters especially where our main interests are concerned. 

After making the list in the previous step, it is also good to reconfirm them with the opinions of your friends and family. It can be a bittersweet experience. To eliminate the stress that you might get from this, pop some dark chocolate and brave the critique and then gracefully accept the praises. 

Take Some Online Quizzes Or Tests

Do you love the quirk generator quizzes that you see online? We do too! Want to know something cool? You can take the help of similar quizzes to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as well. If you don’t find yourself to be reliable enough and even doubt the words of the people closest to you, you are free to take online tests and quizzes that will actually help you evaluate yourself better. 

When you are able to identify yourself better, you are then free to also make the most out of the information at hand. These tests have a variety of niches as well, they can be personality based, skill based or even knowledge based. You choose the right type of test to undergo to accurately find out what you’re going to be good at.

Keep Reassessing and Reevaluating 

Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses isn’t a one time thing, it is an ongoing process. Hence, what is important for you to do, is to regularly reassess and re-evaluate them after some time. You can be average at sketching right now but in six months or a year, you can become an expert. When you’re constantly learning and evolving, it is also helpful if you keep updating the lists with your new learnt abilities. 

These steps will keep you happy and content in the long term, so adopt them to make your life better!’;