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Grab A Bite At One Of These Places In Cumbria

Grab A Bite At One Of These Places In Cumbria

When you go to Cumbia chances are you are going there for the breathtaking scenery. But there is another aspect of this district that is often overshadowed by the gigantic mountains on all the sides. That is the fine cuisine nestled within the district made using some really fine ingredients from the local market. 

After a day of hiking in the scenic trails and exploring the pretty towns that exist within the vicinity, it is inevitable that you would have managed to build up an appetite. This is the motive behind our list of recommendations.

Go through the list and you will find an eclectic mix from Michelin-star dining experiences, quirky cafes to cozy and bustling pubs, there is something for everyone in Cumbria. 

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The Cottage In The Wood 

If fairytales are what you look for then look no further than this stunning 17th-century property hidden in the Whinlatter mountain forest. It has an almost fairytale-like quality to it. To add to the charm it is even located on the Magic Hill, a spot that first came into prominence because of its optical illusions. The sense of seclusion you feel when you enter the restaurant is blissful but do not underestimate this place. It is thoroughly aligned with modern amenities. 

When it comes to the food, the place serves a blend of classical, modern, and nordic techniques while keeping Cumbrian classics as their core. Be prepared for intense global flavors and some incredible local produce when you make your way to this place.


This is a two-star Michelin flagship restaurant located in a former blacksmiths building. Simon Rogan’s brainchild uses his early Avant-garde ideas and theatrical flourishes have now mellowed down to a natural, ingredient-led style restaurant. The whole place encompasses a 12- acre farm and the cuisine itself is quite an experience.  


If you want an unfussy experience then look no further than the Bowland Bridge pub. This place all the vibes you expect from a rustic pub, There are log burners, scrubbed table, and garlands of hops. Once you enter you will receive a chatty welcome from GM Kerry Gossio. Located in the Cartmel Valley, once seated you have the garden’s views surrounding you. Foodwise you have a variety of Pub staples to greet you. The food here is generous and affordable. One here try the Lamb hotpot an unorthodox but extremely tasty variation on the classic. 

Baba Ganoush Soup Kitchen 

There are always some places which are like the trendiest spots in town. This is one of those places. A takeaway cafe, this place specializes in soups, salads and on-trend comfort foods.  Think smoked bacon poutine, fish finger sandwiches, and spaghetti carbonara frittata. It is for the people searching for a nice hearty meal with no frills attached. 

The Beer Hall 

Located in the boho trading estate in Staveley, this brewery is one of the trendiest places to hang out. Mill Yard also homes art galleries, bakery cafe, and bike shops. So, if you just want to hang out then this place is a good place to go to. Order the sticky BBQ ribs and the cheffy cheese souffle. 

Hazelmere Cafe & Bakery 

If you are in England you haven’t really experienced anything until you go to a quaint tea room. This is a place located in the Grange-over-Sands and it has a contemporary feel to the whole place. Hazlemere serves quite a few types of rare leaves and lunch dishes.  They even have the distinction of being an award-wining tea specialist. Once here, grab the potted Morecambe Bay shrimps and the Cumberland sausage ‘n’ mash.  

Tebay Services 

This is a motorway service that has a great showcase of Cumbrian produce. Family-run for over 46 years, Tebay is one of the regions best deli and butchery. Additionally, the cafeteria has a great selection of curries, stews, steaks, and pies. You get fresh, flavorsome food and complete meals without any added fuss.