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6 Things to Remember Before Going For Solo Adventures

6 Things to Remember Before Going For Solo Adventures

Solo travelling is an adventure everybody must experience at least once in their lifetime. The idea of being by yourself in a completely new place, amidst strangers, it’s a journey to self realization. Whether you drive to the state just next door or fly to another country, you’re sure to come across people, places and cuisines that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

But there are things you have to keep in mind when you’re travelling solo. Since you don’t have a group to depend on, you will have complete responsibility for your experience, your fun and your safety. Especially if you’re one for the adventures of the wild, the mounts and the blues, make sure you’re well prepared to make the journey especially amazing. 

Dress Right

Preppy and cute clothes might be great for your day out in the town, for your shopping sprees or late evening drinks at a local bar. But if you’re off for something adventurous, dressing right is very important. 

When travelling solo, avoid wearing clothes of delicate material to any adventure sports or places in the wild. Keep comfortable and sturdy clothes handy, so they won’t cause hindrance in your experience.

Wear The Right Shoes

A follow up for the first one. Rock those stilettos when you’re on your way to a pub nearby. But when it comes to the trekking trip or paragliding experience, wearing the right footwear will make or break (your foot) your experience. 

You’ll find just the right fit for every adventure, all you have to do is a simple google search. 

Train Your Body

This is only essential if you’re the sorts to seek adventure and trouble in a new place by yourself. But if you’re going on a trek or indulging in any activity that requires some amount of strength and stamina, you must train your body in advance

This will not only ensure you enjoy your experience and don’t become a huffing short-of-breath amatuer amidst strangers but also keep you away from any muscle strains or serious injuries. 

Carry First Aid

You’re in a completely new place, on your own, the least you can do is keep a first aid kit handy. This can go with you wherever you travel, and can come in handy when you’re away from the town life and into the wild. 

Stay Vigilant

This one’s obvious and irrespective of where you go, whether by yourself or with a group. When you’re away from known lands it can be pretty easy to end up in trouble. This could mean getting mugged at the exit of a bar, getting in a brawl with law enforcement or a random person stalking you. 

This also necessitates an in-depth research of the place you’re visiting to find how safe it is and how visitors from another country are treated there. If the country you’re visiting has a native language other than yours, it should double up your vigilance. 

Carry Your Updated ID Proof

Depending where you’re from, you can be required to carry multiple documents when you’re out in town. (check the laws before you make a visit) Either way, you must, at all times, carry your latest identity card authorized by your own state. This will come handy if you ever cross paths with a law enforcement officer. 

If you’re a medical marijuana user, check the reciprocity laws of the state you’re travelling to. If the state doesn’t allow out-of-state MMJ card holders to carry or buy medical cannabis in the state, they might have provisions for you to buy recreational cannabis. If so, you can buy and enjoy some delta 8 goodies and make your experience even better. 

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