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Foods To Help Manage Your Stress Levels

Foods To Help Manage Your Stress Levels

We are in the middle of stressful times and the corona virus is not the only reason. Literally everything that we deal with can lead to stress and it is extremely important to deal with it in an appropriate manner or you are set to get dealt with, no puns intended. 

Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are way worse than one can imagine and there is no way I would want to joke about it. Diet plays an important role in stress management and it has been proved in research. There are food options that can help you in those stressful times and I want you to consider trying them out at least once.

Dark Chocolate:

This is the most common food option that I believe everyone of us who deals with mental health issues is aware of. I know people who substitute dark chocolate for milk chocolates but I want you to consider trying dark chocolate specifically. It is more relieving, plus has other beneficial properties.

Researchers found that consuming dark chocolate for two weeks can lower stress levels and help with anxiety. It is a no-brainer that it should be consumed in moderate amounts to avoid other health issues as anything in excess can be harmful.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has very recently gained popularity for its “calming” properties. It is believed that tea can help you with sleeping issues as well. A recent study has proven that it did reduce anxiety.

Anxiety can lead to sleepless nights and in that case, you can have a cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea to calm your nerves.

It is advised to have a cup of chamomile tea before bed as it helps a lot in having a sound sleep.

Green Tea

An alternative to chamomile tea is green tea. Green tea can deal with mood disorders because of the amino acids it contains. Green tea has other proven benefits as well and can be added to daily diet.

I prefer green tea over coffee as coffee can be a triggering food for anxiety and this little shift from caffeine to green tea has helped me a lot with my anxiety issues.


Do not give this any surprising reactions please. Studies conducted on animals have proven benefits of consuming Cannabis. There are a number of methods that can be followed but I personally recommend ingestion as it has least, if not none, side effects.

In the ingestion method, one can consume cannabis gummies as it would cover the earthy smell and taste of cannabis and won’t attract much negative attention. There is a variety of Delta-8 gummies that one can choose from.

Just to add to this point, I want to mention that other than mental issues, cannabis can help with physical pain as well. I have a blog specifically dedicated to a type of cannabis that you can check.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts, especially almonds and seeds such as pumpkin seeds and chia seeds can help with stress and anxiety. These can help in regulating blood pressure and brain health. Again, add it to your daily diet and get other health benefits as well.

Soaked almonds in the morning and chia seeds infused water can be consumed everyday and this might help with mental health.


Stress can affect the diet. It is better to consume better food to beat that stress out before it starts playing with you. Dealing with stress is hectic and it certainly can take a toll on you. I believe precaution is better than cure but since we cannot avoid stress all the time, we can at least take care of our health to avoid triggering consequences.

I very strongly recommend consulting a doctor or psychologist in stressful times as anxiety and stress should not be ignored or taken lightly. Please consult a qualified individual and let them help you out of it. You matter!