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Don’t Forget to Relish These Incredible Food Items on Your Next Trip to Cumbria

Don't Forget to Relish These Incredible Food Items on Your Next Trip to Cumbria

Home to the English Lake District, a land of fells and lakes, and a deserving candidate as the UNESCO World Heritage Site; Cumbria is a rural county known for its hospitality for over five decades. Imagine, you dream of enjoying the beautiful landscape and somehow bag a fantastic offer of exemplary and refined food items culminated from some amazing traditional local recipes. That’s how more than 15 million visitors get lured to this Lakeland every year. 

Think about this for a moment, and I am sure you will start feeling the urge to taste amazing food items that this land of lakes has to offer. Let’s jump right in and look at some delicious food choices that you can never say “No” to. 

Sticky Toffee Pudding- A Classic Desert 

If anything can replace the classic Christmas pudding, it would be this Cumbrian dessert. A retreat first created by Francis Coulson at Sharrow Bay in the year 1970 includes toffee sauce, sponge, dates. But, the restaurant makes sure to protect this secret recipe. However, you can find some other versions of this original dish in the entire supermarket created by the Cartmel Village Shop. 

Grasmere Gingerbread- A Fiery Sweet Treat 

The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop owns the rights to create this authentic recipe that was created by Sarah Nelson in 1854. Surprisingly, the shop could keep its formula hidden, and only the descendant of Sarah knows about the exact details. It is nothing like a cake or a cookie, but one of the best delicacies to savour on a cold winter night. And if you combine it with hot chocolate, the concoction will be out of this world. Although Grasmere is one fantastic place to travel just to taste this food item, you can taste this benchmark dish right from the comfort of your home as well. 

Don't Forget to Relish These Incredible Food Items on Your Next Trip to Cumbria

Cumberland Sausages- The Spicy Retreat 

If you are living under a notion that Asians began the spicy trend, the answer would be a big “NO”. Cumbrians developed a spicy treat that influenced the trends across the world. And with the immigrant Germans, the region added a redefined recipe that could be your favourite meal at any time of the day. A classic sausage by R B Woodall in Waberthwaite is one of the best examples that you can choose as part of your travel package.

Cumbrian Cheese- A Fun-Filled Experience

Lake District is known for its thriving cheese varieties with a wide range of strengths or textures. The county makes cheese buying a fun experience. For example, you can go to Cartmel Cheeses to browse some of the fabulous samples. If you move to Keswick, you can indulge in some incredible local cheeses. Another famous example is the Damson cheese. To prepare this dish, they use 1 Kg rinsed damsons cooked and passed through a sieve. After that, the same is mixed with 500 mg of sugar and boiled. And guess what, you can also use them like a gin to make the most of your evening. 

Windermere Char- A Unique Freshwater Fish 

You can find this fish, particularly in England’s largest lake, Windermere. That’s how the name came into existence. It is believed that the Romans introduced this fish. However, it became a delicious meals to millions of tourists thanks to the legendary chef Bronwen Nixon at Rothay Manor. But, due to some extinction warnings, nowadays, the county is protecting the fish. So, its relative Arctic char is taking its place in the restaurant’s menu. Frankly, you will find it equally mouth-watering and intriguing like the former one. 

Cumbrian Chocolates- Truly Divine Snack 

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Probably, everyone. Imagine people comparing chocolates with good memories. That’s how it has made the lives of millions of people sweeter. Cumbria owns several independent chocolate shops. They make some excellent fillers or ideal snacks that could fuel you through the day. Here are some of the most popular chocolates that one could relish. Kennedys Fine Chocolates is located in the Orton between Penrith and Kendal. They make over 100 varieties. You can order online or visit the factory to enjoy a hot chocolate right away. Chocolate House is a tourist attraction where you can learn about their chocolate and choose any of the sixteen varieties in the cafe. Friars have been supplied with chocolate treats for over 90 years. It would be a delight to explore. 

Morecambe Bay Shrimps- Sweet And Succulent Tiny Brown Shrimp

Cumbrians provide some of the best bay shrimps that one can prepare by potting with melted butter. Cool it off and refrigerate it to use it further. However, make sure you warm it a little before having with a slice of brown bread. One can get them as “cheffy” garnish in any of the top restaurants in the area. 

So it all adds up to this, if you travel to Cumbria, you will give yourself the best experience to look at some of the most stunning landscapes with mesmerizing mountains, coastlines, and several other attractions. For centuries, it has been an inspiration to famous poets, artists, and painters. If you also wish to add some magic in your monotonous life, plan a vacation and book your hotels the moment all of us are sure that the pandemic is under control. Till then just get your research in order