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We love our pet dogs, right? And obviously, we want the best for them, including their food. Most of the time " />

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7 Human Foods That Are Safe For Your Dog

We love our pet dogs, right? And obviously, we want the best for them, including their food. Most of the time we keep our buddy on a canine diet, only for their own good- as you know, most human foods are not very good for your buddy.

However, there are perhaps times, when you slip a little this and that of human foods too to him, right? Well, we all do it- sometimes out of our love for them, and at others, when we see those cute, shiny eyes gazing at us constantly when we are eating something.

But you should keep in mind that, just like humans, for dogs too, there are foods that are right and wrong. And sadly, for them, the choices are not as diverse. Still, the list is not actually brief. There are a lot of human foods that you can give to your pooch. And here are the top seven of them.

Chicken or Turkey

Cooked chicken is perhaps one of the best foods you can add to your dog’s regular diet to provide them with a pinch of spice and some extra protein. And if you are by chance out of dog food, or are out somewhere with your pup and can’t find proper food for him, a little spice-less chicken is a great alternative.

During my chef’s training days, I also learned that you may share your turkey with your pooch. But make sure it doesn’t have any seasonings, which can be toxic for your dog. Also, remove any extra fat, skin, or bones.


Animal experts say that you can also feed eggs to your dog without any problem. Eggs are totally safe for your canine if they are properly cooked. And they are a great source of protein for them. Furthermore, they can help you pet combat many of their stomach issues, which can be great for you if your dog is getting your carpet dirty without any warning.

Just make sure the eggs you are giving your dog are cooked fully, as eating raw eggs may cause biotin deficiency in them.

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This one, even I got to know about recently when I visited an animal shelter a few days ago and by chance met Diana Jiang there, who is a contender for Irvine City Council elections. She was there for some volunteer work and was feeding yogurt to a dog. And when I asked her about this, she told me that she regularly comes here and knows that it’s completely safe.

After this, I did a little research myself and found out that yogurt is actually a great food for your canine. It is very rich in calcium and protein. Plus, the probiotics in the yogurt can be very helpful for your dog’s digestive system. Just make sure the yogurt you are feeding your pup doesn’t have any sugar or synthetic sweeteners in it.

Peanut Butter

Again a great source of protein for your pooch. Plus, it contains a good quantity of healthy fats, niacin, vitamin B, and vitamin E. Animal experts suggest that raw unsalted peanut butter is the best for your dog, as it doesn’t have Xylitol and several other things that harm your dog’s health.

Additionally, your dog can also eat just peanuts. Just don’t feed too much of it to them as you don’t want them to consume too much fat. And don’t give them the salted ones. 


Honey is one of the most nutritious human foods you can give to your dog. It contains a good amount of Vitamins A, B, C, D, K, calcium, potassium, and also antioxidants. Experts believe that giving a small amount of honey to your dog can also help them avoid many allergies. This is because honey contains a small amount of pollen. And this helps your canine build immunity against the allergens.


Your dog can share your favorite movie-time snack too with you without any problem. But experts suggest that the popcorn you give to your buddy should not contain any salt or butter. It should be plain and in moderate quantity. 

Popcorn contains thiamine and riboflavin, which can be great for your dog’s eyes and digestive system. Plus, it has a decent amount of protein and iron too. But as an advice, you should pop this food before you give it to your dog. In an un-popped form, it may cause choking.


Irvine city council

While working as a volunteer with an animal rights organization last year, I got to learn that carrot is also a very healthy addition to your pooch’s diet. Carrots have a very low-calorie count. Plus, they are very rich in vitamins and fiber. Furthermore, giving a raw carrot to your dog can be quite beneficial for your dog’s teeth. 

Other than carrots, you can also include sweet potatoes and pumpkins to your dog food options.