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It’s Easter, grocery stores have special aisles for chocolate bunnies, marshmallows peeps and the dairy section" />

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The Best Places to Celebrate Easter in The US

It’s Easter, grocery stores have special aisles for chocolate bunnies, marshmallows peeps and the dairy section is falling short of eggs. I think it is easy to tell when Easter is around because you can see the stores beaming with candies and chocolates.

However, it is a lesser-known fact that Easter is a big consumer festival raking billions of dollars every year. Most people color eggs during Easter and parents seek hiding spots for their kids to find the eggs on an Easter Sunday. 

While Easter is one of the most celebrated festivals in the US, certain things stand out. For instance, anyone can take part in the festival and most vitally easter treats, games, and chocolate made easter bunnies. After all, who doesn’t love the taste of chocolate and other delicacies on the eve of Easter? You see, cities all over the country celebrate Easter and some cities do better than the other. So, let’s take a look at some of the best cities known for celebrating Easter with fervor and joy. 


According to reports, Orlando ranked second in Easter celebrations. Interestingly, Orlando is also one of the most exciting places to celebrate Easter. The parks in Orlando accentuate the beautiful Easter traditions. You can see the Easter bunny at Walt Disney World every year. Not only this but the Easter bunny adorns the hallways of Malls, Sea World, Universal Resort and all these places beam with Easter celebrations and services. If you visit Orlando during Easter ensure that you take the feels of the Mardi Gras celebration at Universal Studios. Also, fill your eyes with the wonders of the international flower and garden festival at Walt Disney. 


If you live in Cincinnati or even the areas surrounding this beautiful city. I am sure you might have heard about the Easter celebrations at The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. The Easter celebrations are held every year one day before the main event. The event features various activities for kids like egg hunting, and other games to keep the kids entertained. The Easter Bunny is also one of the major attractions and the kids can enjoy a ride on the Easter bunny express. And the good news is, the egg hunt winner receives a gift at the end of the day. So, Cincinnati definitely has some of the best Easter celebrations, not worth mentioning in your digital resume but enough to fill your heart with joy. 

New York City

You might be thinking why have I not mentioned New York City yet. Well, because it is the best place to celebrate Easter. Well, the idea was to introduce some different places this time. However, here we are with New York and undoubtedly it is one of the best cities to celebrate Easter. You see New York is one of the top destinations to celebrate Easter because New York is a city that prides itself on brunches. And as a matter of fact, Easter brunches are world-famous. So, you definitely can not miss the opportunity to celebrate Easter in New York City. 

In addition to this, Easter in New York is inclusive of two main celebrations called the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival. You can showcase your creativity in these festivals and taste the unique twist New York gives to Easter each time. Also, you will notice that this happening city has a lot to offer and when it comes to Easter celebrations you will never fall short of the Easter-inspired aura. 

St Louis

If you have a family, your kids will love easter time in St Louis. This city has a lot to offer to the kids and you will see various Easter events taking place all around the city. Some of the Easter events that this city is famous for include The Enrichment Eggstravaganza held at The St. Louis Zoo. Six Flags St. Louis also hosts an Easter weekend where you can see Bugs and Lola welcoming you to the thrill and adventure planned for the kids. You see Easter celebrations are all about hunting eggs so you will see headhunting activities everywhere. Also, who knows you might win the prize associated with these hunting games. 


Chicago has one of the highest Easter observers, which is why this city is quite famous for Easter traditions. Interestingly, Chicago has a medieval-themed Easter which is held two days before the big day. The event is held at Maggie Daley Park, featuring activities like egg hunting with 25, 000 candy-filled eggs and much more to keep the kids entertained. The Easter eggstravaganza is also another sold-out event held at the Lincoln Park Zoo. It includes several egg hunts, train adventures, and buffets adored with splendid dishes. 

So, are you ready to celebrate Easter this year? Then don’t forget to check out all cities mentioned-above and we would love to hear some of your Easter stories. Happy Easter!

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