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Get Set For a Thrilling Outdoor Experience With Your Adventure Dog

Are you yearning for happiness or excitement? Adventure breaks are an ideal way to turn your monotonous life into a fun-filled experience. All of which can leave you with an attitude that will nurture your mental health as well.

And if you plan it with your dog, the adventures will be a lot more fun. Even science says “dogs help to boost your mental and physical health.” Also, with them your outdoor experience will be healthy treat. So, no more excuses to leave your furry friend behind. And start planning for your next dog-friendly field trip.

Join Adventure With Your Dog at Peterson Ridge Rumble, Oregon

It is one of the best trail races where your dog can add the necessary element to spice your adventure to the next level. You can even gear up for climbing a moderate trail. Or be awestruck with the mesmerizing beauty of the Sister mountains. The track provides ample refreshments for both humans and their dogs. They organize an event every April and the registrations start by December 10, 2019. You will definitely enjoy every bit of the mile with your furry friend. But, make sure your dog is also trained for long-distance walks or running adventures. So, start planning your next adventure trip right away. And help your dog increase their mileage by 10% every week.

Unlock Your Hidden Strengths While Hiking Through Blaine Basin, Colorado

Leave your daily routine and walk through 14,000 foot peaks and fields of the Blaine Basin. They are situated in the San Juan Mountains. You can also experience a sudden rush of blood with the moderate hiking adventures such as stream crossings. Let your dog join the sprinting adventure in Wilson Creek. It is advisable to camp at the scenic spots in the Basin. But, if you want to challenge yourself, climbing to the high bench between Mount Sneffels and Blaine Peek will be a treat to watch. 

Don’t Forget The Famous Bikeway Program of Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Oregon’s Biking Program is one of the best cycling adventures of the country. This 132-mile tracks allows cyclists to get one of the best views of most fertile farmlands. You will love everything about this trip with your beloved dog. Take the road by the Willamette River. Enjoy the cycling adventure while passing by vineyard farms and fields that your dog will completely adore. Bring a fresh perspective to your life with such an amazing outdoor experience.

Join The Paddle Camping Expedition at Shenandoah River, Virginia

Paddle camping could be the best way to enjoy the nature’s remote and one of the most incredible scenic beauties. Expect crystal clear waters that you and your dog can both cherish equally. One of the companies, Downriver Canoe, take both humans and their pets into the interiors of the river. You can set your camping site in the George Washington National Forest. Travellers advice to keep your dog safe by using a life jacket with a handle. In case it slips you can lift him back.  

Head Out in The Backcountry to Chain and Doelle Lakes, Washington 

If you are not great in crowds. This might be the best destination to bond with your pet. They have one of the best dog-friendly trails. This 21.5 mile hike starts with the Pacific Crest Trail and then follows through meadows and forests. Hikers will have the opportunity to ascend 2000 feet in the last two miles. The reward will be spending time your goofy at one of the best lakeside campsites. But, make sure to get your dog vaccinated. Also, take sufficient water, food, and a medical kit to avoid any emergencies. 

Can You Up Your Fun Quotient With Any Dog Breed?

If you are thinking that you can tag along any breed with you for those sudden lake swims, hikes, or trails. You might be taking a big risk if you do so. Even the great dogs for protection might not be suitable for such strenuous activities. Going for the dog breeds that are high in energy. Or the ones that are more obedient will help you throughout your outdoor adventures without a fail. Here are some of the dog breeds that will be your best mates for a thrilling experience. 

Siberian Husky 

They are excellent hiking and trail partners. Especially, if you are going to climb mountains. With proper training, they won’t leave your side even if you try to stay or run at lower temperatures. Nothing can replace their “light on feet” capabilities. They will motivate you every minute with their high energy characteristics.

Standard Poodle 

Nothing can beat their hunting skills. But, that’s not all. You can practically train them to do anything from a tough athlete in snow to being quick followers during cycling adventures. Furthermore, you can even rely on them during your water adventures. 

German Shepherd

They are smart, tough, athletic with inquisitive nature; making them one of the best guide dogs. Whether you going for hiking or just planning a trail walk, they are equipped to do anything. You can train them to do anything and you will never have to think twice before planning any adventure trip.

To Sum it Up

great dogs for protection

Adventure trips are a great way to expand your knowledge and strengths for a completely refreshing experience. And if you do it with a partner, you can actually double the adventure quotient. And dogs are exactly what you need. Just provide them the right training and expect a fun-filled experience that you will never forget for years to come. 

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