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Want to manage diabetes? Choose cannabis

As per a report by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes affects more than 100 million people in the US. Diabetes can be deadly and the stats clearly point to the scale of the problem.

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So, what solution do we have? Cannabis it is! Yeah, you heard that right. Medical marijuana is equipped with the benefits which makes it perfect for managing the symptoms of diabetes.

Cannabis has always been about the medicinal benefits

It’s no surprise that cannabis presents us with so many medicinal benefits. In fact, it has always been like that. The herb has a history dating back to more than 5000 years. It’s only recently that people have recognized its medicinal potential. People are in awe of the characteristic high it offers. Honestly, the effects of cannabis are very therapeutic. There’s a strain for almost every problem. However, at federal level, cannabis is still not regarded as a medicine.

Now, various researches point to the fact that it is effective in managing diabetes. High blood sugar levels can attract a lot of health problems. It puts you at an increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Apart from that, you should always keep an eye on the symptoms. Frequent urination, increased thirst, fatigue, and dry mouth are some common signs that point to the possibility of diabetes.

The research on the effect of cannabis on diabetes                                              

The American Journal of Medicine conducted a research in 2013. It showed that cannabis is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels. The study also mentioned that people who use cannabis are at a lower risk of obesity. You might be wondering that cannabis is commonly linked to the munchies. Well, studies show that cannabis users have a low body max index. Also, the cannabinoid THCV has shown appetite suppressing effects. So, it can be particularly beneficial in preventing the risk of diabetes.

In 2014, Natural Medical Journal published a data of over a thousand people. It contained an analysis of past and present marijuana use. It showed that these people had significantly lower levels of blood sugar, fasting insulin, BMI, and obesity. Similarly, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem released a study which pointed towards the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabinoid CBD. Nerve pain and inflammation are the contributing symptoms of diabetes. So, cannabis is pretty effective in managing it.

How is cannabis good for managing diabetes?

The beneficial properties of cannabis surely point to the effectiveness of cannabis in managing diabetes. It is very effective in reducing arterial inflammation in patients of diabetes. It acts as an antioxidant which induces this effect. Neuropathic pain is also pretty common in diabetic people. Cannabis has a pain-relieving effect which eases the pain and provides relaxation. Apart from that, it also reduces the pain of muscle cramps.

Cannabis acts as a vasodilator which maintains a smooth blood flow. High sugar constricts the blood vessels and creates more pressure. So, cannabis helps in maintaining a proper circulation and lower blood pressure. A healthy blood flow is necessary to maintain good heart health. So, medical marijuana is pretty effective in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Diabetic retinopathy is pretty common in diabetes patients. It is one of the major causes of vision loss in adults. As per the research, CBD or cannabidiol is very effect in reducing the inflammation and provides protection against the possibility of retinopathy. Low blood flow is also one of the contributing causes of blurred vision. A good blood flow is important for proper functioning of eyes. Cannabis helps you in establishing that.

Although the magical properties of cannabis cannot be questioned, you should always consult an expert before taking a dose of cannabis. Having a recommendation from a licensed doctor can help you get access to medical marijuana in New York  The specialist can evaluate you and suggest the right dosage. With the right guidance, you can use cannabis effectively for your health.

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