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Why Is Morocco a Total Badass of a Holiday Destination?

Morocco, whenever you hear this name, warm-colored images of sandy beaches, ancient streets, and great food pops up. Have you not been there? Well, robust tomatoes, but I can assure you something that, Morocco is a total badass of a holiday destination.

And why it is a badass? We are going to discuss precisely why in this blog.

 From Where It Started 

Morocco was settled by migrants mainly by immigrants, vastly known as Berbers or Amazing once the farthest province of the Roman Empire in the west was attacked and won over by Arabs in the 7th century. 

After the 7th century’s Arab conquest, most of the natives of Morocco accepted this then-new religion, Islam. The west and the east tried controlling Morocco, but it was too wild to tame. 

Finally in the 19th century, French won over it in 1912, who let it go in 1956. It enjoys the status of the only country in North African where Monarchy rules.

The Beaches 


What is the opposite of plenty of water? No water at all right or desert? But what if I tell you that at the holy land of Morocco, the desert and ocean meets? 

Morocco is famous for its ultra sandy beaches, where the sand meets water. Beaches from Morocco are the heaven for beach sports lovers.

Sidi Ifni to name one is a great beach you can find in the southern side of the country at the banks of the Atlantic. Sidi is perfect for long romantic walks. 

Similarly, if you are into mysterious things, Legzira beach might interest you. You can check out a thousand-year-old rock portico shaped here. 

Localities will say all sort of things to convince you that this way is the product of magic, but it is nothing but erosion leftovers. 


Morocco For Architecture 

This country is best for ancient architecture and historical monuments. Morocco has so many styles for architecture that you will be flabbergasted with the uniqueness of every style. 

Romans and Phoenicians are still pretty much alive in Morocco through its buildings and streets. 

Cities like Fez and Meknes are the best source if you are that history geek. 

Near Meknes is a city called Oualili or Volubilis where after the excavation they managed to find Berber and Roman traces. 

The historians believe that the Arabs around 7th century triumphed over Morocco introducing Arab civilization in the country.

The Islamic touch in the architecture is the result of that invasion. Fun fact, in Fez city of Morocco, Quaraouiyine University is the oldest in this world.

Food, and a lot of it!

Foodies bring out the food journals and start making notes; we are going to have to have a bust. 

The aroma of herbs and species is going to put a hex on you as you enter any food street of the country. 

For example, tasting mint tea along with some of those ultra-delicious pastries is one of my best options. 

When you can find excellent tea in every corner of this exotic country, for tasty pastries you must sweat a bit. 

Tagine, a clay pot cooked dish, has almost everything, seafood, veggies, chicken, beef, it is a yummy-storm. 

It is actually the preparation that makes Tagine so unique. They traditionally cook it on coals, while adding spices, herbs, olive oil (of course) and dry fruits in the pot.

Bread and sauce will be the companions of this dish. 

The Carpets

Carpets are in the trends now, once again, thank you very much. And where will you find the best rugs in this whole world than Morocco? 

Nowhere else is the answer. Moroccan interior is as significant as the buildings from outside are, extraordinary.

Just as the country itself, the colour scheme of carpets made here is warm and robust. The designs are simple; the style is sleek; they will go with almost anything in your house. 

The only turn off can be the weight, carpets from Morocco are super heavy. If you are willing to pay extra in the luggage department while flying off, you’re gold.

The pottery

Morocco has colors in everything; that is the reason why they are so famous for almost everything. And when it comes to the pottery, colors are essential; hence, the recommendation.

The best part is you can buy Tajine too and not the food dish but the pot. Yes, the dish is named after this pot, and you can cook it whenever you want.

Tajine pots come in the loveliest of the colour combination. Set aside the cooking part for a minute, you can use these pots even for decorating. 

The Desert

There are people who do not like peace, and then there are monsters who do not like peace. For the second kind of people I mentioned, Morocco is a shitty place, don’t bother going, please. 

 Peace lovers! It is a beautiful country which has the most fantastic dessert of all, the Sahara. When I look at it, I can see why people do not like sweets, people like Bear Grylls have ruined it for us all. 

When we hear desert imaginary pops up in our minds is of people dying of heat and thirst, which is unlikely these days.

Deserts these days area actually an excellent choice for people seeking peace. You can rent a camel or pitch in for a caravan to ride from Morocco to Egypt.  

Just sand around you with camels and no pollution, no noise, and no computers, paradise must be that silent too I suppose. 

The Volubilis 

Prefer historic ruins over multiplex? Volubilis is for you. These were major trading centers in the southernmost areas of the country during Roman times. 

Volubilis is the best-preserved ruins ever in the world. No tourists like that place; for obvious reasons, they come to the country for the party and stuff. 

Most of the site is yet to see the excavation; hence, it gives you the rawest of the feelings. This as some people judge is the most amazing Roman ruins of all time. 

The Roof Dyeing

If you did not witness Moroccan roof dyeing, then there is no point of living anymore, I guess. It is the most fantastic thing in this world. 

These are actually tanning places, where people work from day and night making animal skin shinier. The main ingredient of this business has been Chromium since the start. 

Chromium is also a great thing for getting leather that consumes lesser heat.  

The whole scene is lovely to look upon but not very pleasant when you actually go there. 

They will hand you a little piece of mint to curb the smell of dead animals, but, eh, never 


 This place is running from the early 1800s and is famous for saddles, suede jackets and sturdy shoes.  

Folding Out

Let me fold out this bad boy of a blog in the sassiest way ever. The place is filled with the nicest of the people, and they all are very welcoming. 

But, but, but it is still an Islamic country, so keep everything in your pants and the pants in yourself. Happy vacations! 

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