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How to Keep Your Apartment Clean And Green?

Home cleaning is important. You can find a wide range of products without cleaning services in NYC. But, do you know, in the war of dirt and germs, you’re making things worse.

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Yes, it’s right! Most of the cleaning products out there, are petroleum-based and aren’t good for the environment and human health.

So, instead of buying the products that destroy everything in their path, you can choose natural products, which can help you get your cleaning job done without any toxic side-effects.

Top Green Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Purchase green cleaning products

As homeowners have become aware of the health and environmental impacts of cleaning products, more brands are manufacturing green, natural, and effective home cleaning products. Many of these products are free from harmful chemicals and are made from renewable resources. If you don’t want to visit the market for cleaning products, you can use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning purposes. Just mix them with warm water, and clean your home.

Be careful when using antibacterial cleaners

Many think that antibacterial cleaners are necessary, especially in the summer. But, they don’t work better than normal soaps. According to the Mayo Clinic, antibacterial soaps aren’t as effective at killing germs as regular soaps are. And, the use of antibacterial soaps may result in the development of bacteria, which makes it harder to kill germs in the future.

Clean the air inside your home naturally

Don’t use packed air fresheners for cleaning the indoor air. You can use boiling cinnamon, cloves, or other herbs instead. Additionally, you can use certain plants to filter the air and create a friendly aroma. By doing so, you can also save some dollars.

Let in the light

Are you able to see things around you properly or they look a little dimmer? This might be due to dust and dirt that accumulate on lighting fixtures, which require thorough cleaning. Again, instead of harmful chemicals, use a neat and clean cloth for cleaning purposes.

Allow sunlight to come to your home for a few hours. Put aside those curtains, and let the plants in your home receive sunlight.

Hire a green home cleaning services company

If you have a busy schedule, and don’t have time for cleaning your home, you can hire a professional cleaning services NYC. Google can help you find the right cleaning company. Before hiring any company, make sure you have an open discussion regarding your home cleaning needs and pricing for different services to avoid any problems in the future.

Regular home cleaning is necessary. It helps you maintain the good health of your family while reducing the chances of occurrence of harmful diseases. Always use natural methods for home cleaning. Before purchasing home cleaning products, you should carefully read the ingredients used and their effects on human health and the environment. Open windows and doors of your home for a few hours in a day to allow the fresh air and light. Limit the use of packed air fresheners. 

Always hire a reputed home cleaning company that’s willing to use natural, environment-friendly products.

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