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Can You Avoid Skin Aging?

Aging is a natural process. No one can beat that ever. You will find yourself surfing through the internet for a range of anti-aging products the time you touch down your 30s.

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Surprised!! Thirty? Who gets aged then? Well, your skin does. But, what if we told you, you were making it worse yourself. 


You should be. A lot of things are done by you along which are adding fuel to the fire. You can definitely buy expensive skincare products. But, doing simple tweaks here and there can help you delay the aging process as such.

Unhealthy Food

It’s like whatever you put in your body comes out in a certain way. So, anything that’s not healthy is bound to affect different parts of your body.

But, the first one to show signs is your skin.

Because of foods, especially the ones that fit into the category of inflammation break down specific cells that are responsible for producing collagen.

And collagen is essential to keep skin cells firm.

Such inflammatory foods include-

  • Sugar
  • Processed foods 
  • Fatty/Red meats
  • Fried foods 

So, eating in moderation should be your rule when it comes to eating processed foods.

Avoiding Your Eyes 

Most people go to extremes when it comes to skin care. But, often forget the primary part of the face that shows aging the most.

Your Eyes.

Think of the work eyes are doing every second day and night. It’s like more than anything, eyes have a lot to do.

And of course, I am not talking about the staring part.  *wink*

It’s like as they say “Prevention is better than cure”. 

Because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate, so it’s affected by the changes pretty soon. 

So, using the products rich in peptides will help to retain the firmness that helps in reducing any wrinkles or fine lines. 

Washing Face More Than The Recommended Times

Cleansing is for an essential part of any skincare routine. Because it helps to remove oil, dirt, access bacteria, and impurities.

But, cleaning your face more than two times a day will not be good for you in any way. On the contrary, it will dry your skin. And that will trigger the aging process sooner. 

Sleeping Often With Your Face Down


What’s the issue with sleeping on your tummy now.

It’s because whenever you sleep on your face, the imprints and other things trigger the progression of fine lines.

Leaving those horrible creases on your skin. 


This is probably the only factor that is a root cause for everything.

Any medical condition and stress to be the cause of that condition.

It goes the same with skin as well.

Family, work, kids, love,… A lot of things make you stress out in one or the other way.

So, dodging such situations is the best ever way to slow down the aging process.

Or better adopt a dog or a cat as a pet and live your life with an amazing companion which showers love, care and take away all the stress just like that.

Or else go ahead with some exercises or meditation strategies to lower down the effects of stress. You can go for-

  • A range of breathing exercises
  • Good night sleep
  • Physical activities

Other than these factors, there are many other factors that affect the skin of any person such as

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Lack of quality sleep
  • Avoiding sunscreen

Although, some factors cannot be controlled at all. But, using some of the moderation’s into your daily lifestyle can be helpful in delaying the aging process. 

Tweaks here and there and you are good to go.