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Easy Steps for Getting Emotional Support Dog Registration

Science has proved it, people love it already, and now the governments are accepting it too, making emotional support dog registration a more straightforward job than ever.

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Dogs are God, but obviously, in small packages, they love us, and we don’t have to go over this right?

We all know what dogs are to us, so let’s dive straight into the business valley, and discuss first what is the difference between a service dog and an emotional support animal.

Service Dog V/S Emotional Support Animal

An emotional support animal is very different than service dogs, and should not be mistaken for each other.

Where a patient’s requirements are relatively clear when it comes to the service dog, in 90% of the cases a person couldn’t tell whether a patient needs an emotional support animal or not.

Service dogs are trained to do jobs for a mentally, physically or otherwise disabled human.

On the other hand, emotional support animals are not trained.

Emotional Support Animal letter (ESA letter)

It is like a medical marijuana card, a certificate from government approved doctor which says that you need an ESA.

This certificate will serve as proof for others that you indeed need your dog for your mental health issues and are not just a pet lover.

Where to Start From?

There are two ways of approaching the registration’s start, going to a psychiatrist and ask him/her to hand you one.

Another way of getting an emotional support dog registration is to find an ESA doctor online. Let’s discuss the first one first.

Well, for the starters you can ask your psychiatrist, and confirm if s/he can provide you with the ESA letter.

Your psychiatrist will confirm if you need an emotional support animal for the betterment of your mental health or not.

Now, if your doctor is authorized with that kind of power s/he will issue the certificate.

Even if your doctor is not authorized for handing out ESA letter, s/he can suggest you the doctor who will.

Online ESA letter

If you do not have spare time to visit the psychiatrist, or are merely uncomfortable going to one, fearing to judge; online ESA doctor is your survival trick.

You will fill the form online, then the doctor will call you, take a video session, and if the doctor feels you are a genuine patient, s/he will email you the letter in 10 minutes.

This way is not just more accessible, but also is more economical and quicker. Moreover, these registration letters are only as authentic as the one you may get from a physical clinic.


In the United States of America, there are a zillion benefits of having an emotional support animal registration.

By getting your dog registered as an emotional support animal, you will be able to fly with your dog. If you have an ESA letter, airlines are bound to let you fly with your pooch, on your seat.

A landlord cannot deny you an apartment because of your canine; if s/he does it will be illegal. Your landlord can’t also charge you extra for ESA, thanks to this letter.

Ending Words

Emotional support animal letters can save you a lot of money and is a smart investment.

Also, it is harder for others to understand how a dog will help you in your depression or anxiety; with ESA, you won’t have to explain it either.

Emotional support dog registration is just as easy as buying a shirt online, get yours now.